Almost every day we read or hear something about how our “taxes” are being used for some idiotic or immoral act.  We’ve all heard about the $500 hammers, the wasted money on studies that just don’t make sense, etc.
Well, let’s take a close look at reality.
First, let me ask you a question.
If I were a counterfeiter who was so good that no one was able to tell I was counterfeiting, would I ever need to go to work to buy a new printing press?  More ink or paper?  Pave the road in front of my house?  Buy a tank?  Obviously, the answer would be no.  If I could print up all the money I wanted and no one could tell, I could just buy up anything I wanted as long as I had the amount needed printed for the purchase.  Unfortunately for us — we are the unwitting pawns in a game that is being played with our future, and the future of our children and even our grandchildren — that is exactly how it works.
Once upon a time there were these pretty smart guys who put together a rather interesting limited government that was supposed to guarantee freedom for all the folks living under it.  It actually worked pretty well for a few years.  It wasn’t perfect, as the men who put it together weren’t perfect, but it was probably the best form of government ever devised by man in written history.
There must have been much more oxygen in the atmosphere or something, because the village idiot of the day seemed to be a lot smarter than the likes of our current Emperor George (not to mention the vast majority of the rest of us).  If you read the writings of Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Locke, James Madison, Samuel Adams, Daniel Webster, William Blackstone, Frederic Bastiat and Lysander Spooner, just to name a few, you’ll find that they were well educated and presented their ideas of what they believed would work using very sound reasoning, logic, and common sense.  One such man was Judge Roger Sherman.
Roger Sherman was a businessman back in the time of the Revolutionary War era.  He had some pretty bad dealings due to the monetary system that existed in the colonies and Europe prior to the revolution and the drafting of the federal constitution.  Since he was a well known guy being versed on economics, he was influential in the drafting of the monetary clauses of the federal constitution.  Writing booklets or pamphlets were an instrumental driving force behind men’s thoughts towards seceding from their bond to England and Sherman was no exception.  His booklet “A Caveat Against Injustice, or an Inquiry into The Evils of a Fluctuating Medium Of Exchange” was instrumental in causing people to realize the evils of a fiat paper money system at that time in history.
Unfortunately, the hens have allowed the fox to build the hen-house and install the security system.  Via the public education (indoctrination) system here in the United States and elsewhere, the truth has been effectively kept out of the minds of most people.
Here’s what Roger Sherman did.  He was the most instrumental in the drafting of two sections of the federal constitution.  Article 1, Section 8, which states, in part: “The Congress shall have Power ... to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standards of Weights and Measures”; and Article 1, Section 10, which orders, in part that: “No State shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”
Why did he do this?  Because he realized that if the monetary control was placed in the hands of the people, there would be freedom and prosperity.  He understood the system of paper money that was in place in the 13 colonies and in Europe and suffered firsthand because of how it was used for theft.  If only gold and silver coin were to be allowed in circulation there could be no inflation and no theft of the people’s earnings and savings due to a dishonest paper fiat debt monetary system.  It was also one of the ways that the people could maintain control over the government — by the withdrawal of their support by holding back their taxes from the state or federal governments if those governments seemed intent on trampling their rights as free men.  Without the tax support to pay for wars, there would be no war.  Without the tax support to pay for the Gestapo, there would be no Gestapo.  Who's gonna work for free?  On the other hand, if the monetary control is placed in the hands of private bankers, the people lose that control since they would not have that leverage.
President Andrew Jackson had to fight tooth and nail to squash the central banking paper money scam in his time.  His gravestone reads “I killed the bank.”  He got us back on to a real money system again.
Up until the war of Northern Aggression (war for Southern Independence, war between the States, “civil” war?), gold and silver coins were used for trade and commerce.  Yes, there were bank notes issued, but they were all backed at par with the denomination stated on the note.  If a bank was audited and found to have less gold in its vaults than it had bank notes in circulation, it was tried for theft or conversion.  Abraham Lincoln, who was noted for violating the constitution in many instances, started the paper money scheme to finance the Northern aggression against the South.  The only plus to this was that he wasn’t charging interest on it and a few years after the conflict, all the “greenbacks” were out of circulation.  Knowing what I do know about that man, I can’t figure out why he wasn’t tried by the people for treason and hung, but that is a topic for another day.
But it wasn’t long before the paper money scam came home to roost again in the form of the deceptively named “Federal Reserve System.”  For the historically or economically ignorant, when it comes to the Federal Reserve System, it is not “federal” and there is nothing in “reserve”.  The word “system” was used to deceive the public into believing that the government was decentralizing financial power, but in fact, the entire “system” is a centralized private banking cartel which the government legalized through the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act under president Woodrow Wilson.  For a while there was some small residual backing, but that all ended in the 1970’s thanks to president Nixon.

Looking at the information above, can you see what has happened?  Since the fiat banking cartel has been able to completely control the current monetary system via our own government’s complicity, you could literally keep all of your tax dollars and it wouldn’t mean doodly-squat.  As a matter of fact, if no one in the country paid federal taxes at all, but the public continued to believe that those little, green pieces of paper had value, everything would go on as it does now.  Roads would still be built, the bombs would still drop, the soldiers would be paid and the Homeland Security Gestapo would still be receiving paychecks.  Why?  Because the counterfeiter can print all the paper money or make all the book entries they want.  Why?  Because the people have lost track of their contract with their public servants; the federal constitution.  They have screwed up and don't realize that they're being royally screwed.
The way the scam is set up, the government can have an unlimited supply of paper money backed by nothing to do whatever the hell it wants to do, while the banks are able to collect perpetual interest on nothing.  Meanwhile, what are you asked for when you go for a so-called “loan?”  Signature on the dotted line pledging your house, your car, etc.

So here we are about 150 years after the War Between the States, or about 90 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve System and what do we have?  A monetary system that is antithetical to the federal constitution.  A system of theft that has continued and will continue until enough people wake up, make waves and cause a change.
Just to illustrate what has happened, allow me to offer a couple examples:

Scenario #1:  Say a man earned $3,500 in 1964 and stuffed it in his mattress.  A second guy earns the same $3,500 and puts it in the bank.  And yet another earns $3,500 and trades it for gold coins.  At the time of the gold investment (1964), that would have been $35 Federal Reserve Notes per ounce, or the equivalent of one hundred $50 US Liberty coins.  Now, in 2005, the first man will have the same $3,500 in Fed Notes, but they are now only worth about 1/10 of what they were in 1964.  He’s effectively had $31,500 worth of purchasing power stolen from him.  A new car in 1964 was about $3,500 in Federal Reserve Notes.  A new, full-sized decent car today is about $35,000.  The second man would have about $9,000 in Federal Reserve Note value with interest accrued.  He has effectively had $21,000 in purchasing power stolen from him.  But the last man could trade in his gold coins and would have $35,000 in Federal Reserve Note purchasing power.  So which lost value; the gold or the paper?
Scenario #2:  During the Roman Empire, a one ounce gold coin could have bought you a fine toga, a pair of hand crafted sandals and a belt.  Basically, the standard “suit” of the day.  Today, we can walk into any men’s store and with a one ounce gold coin purchase a nice suit, a pair of shoes, and a belt.

The real value has not changed in thousands of years when expressed in terms of real money.
So what does this all sum up to?  It simply means that taxes are there for the purpose of stealing the labor of the people and to make them erroneously think they are supporting the government.   The system is also a form of social control and is butressed by instilling fear into the public over the consequences of nonpayment.
Now let’s take a look at what others have said:
“When plunder has become a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” — Frederic Bastiat in “The Law”
“Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency.  By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” — 1980 Annual Report, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, p. 6  
Now let me ask you.  Isn’t confiscation of the wealth of the citizens a nice way of saying “theft” or “stealing”?
“All the paper money issued today is Federal Reserve notes.  The real backing for the nation’s money is faith in the strength, soundness and stability of the American economy.” — The Hats the Federal Reserve Wears, FRB of Philadelphia, p. 4
“Faith” is what backs our monetary system.  Your faith.  Do you have faith?  If so, how much?
“The Federal Government, with the cooperation of the Federal Reserve, has the inherent power to create money -- almost any amount of it.” — The National Debt, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, p. 8
“Almost?”  Why only “almost?”  What keeps them from printing all they want?
“Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.”  — John Locke (1690)
If the money you earn has no value and you are forced through fiat paper legislation to take it for your labor, are you not having your property (labor) destroyed and are you not being reduced to nothing but slavery?  Is not the state at war with the people?
How about this:  Public schools (i.e. government schools — the Communist Manifesto’s 10th plank) in which students learn to exchange labor and production (assets) for checks and banknotes (liabilities) — all “dollars” of which were created, at no cost, in a government-protected bank.
“A check is just a bit of paper, but you’re happy to have it.” — The Hats the Federal Reserve Wears, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, p. 5
Confidence in “credit” is furthered by taxation.  In fact, governments go to great lengths collecting far less of “it” than they spend -- to sustain an aura of value.
“If ... government refrains from regulation [e.g., taxes] ... the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent, and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer.” — The Economic Consequences of the Peace, John Maynard Keynes, p. 225 [February 1920 edition]
Taxes do not pay for the government that sanctions a credit system — but they are necessary to sustain the confidence in those devices by which the public IS taxed.
“... Keynes argues that inflation is a ‘method of taxation’ which the government uses to ‘secure the command over real resources, resources just as real as those obtained by [ordinary] taxation.’  ‘What is raised by printing notes,’ he writes, ‘is just as much taken from the public as is a beer duty or an income tax.’” — 1980 Annual Report, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, p. 10
Mayer Amschel Rothchild is quoted as having said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”
When the money is nothing but paper created on a printing press with absolutely no control from the people, the people become slaves to the creators of the money.  But when the people create the money with their labor (gold or silver), then and only then can the people be free, and the money becomes the servant of the people.  As long as we are under a debt fiat monetary system and refuse to enforce the law of the land via Article 1, Section 10 on the several states, the federal government will be in control of our very lives from the point that your birth certificate is placed into interstate commerce as a pledge against your life and your future ability to be a taxpaying slave on the global plantation.
So what is the answer?  What would happen if the people of just one county in one state came together and refused to pay property taxes or any form of tax or any payment at all unless they did so in gold or silver coin?  Everything the state requires us to pay for from driver licenses to property tax to license plates is supposed to be paid for with gold and silver coin.  This could be done.  But do you have the intestinal fortitude to try it?  Start trading in your Federal Reserve Notes for 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce gold coins.  Use them with friends and neighbors by buying and selling with gold.  Figure out a fair exchange rate and start using them.  If you’re a plumber making $50 in Federal Reserve notes per hour today, offer your rate at $5.00 in gold coin.  This will help people see the disparity between the worthless paper and gold.
How hard is it to get this through our heads?  Taxes on the national level pay for NOTHING.  They are simply there for the purpose of social control and to take purchasing power away from us so that we can’t compete as much for goods and services in the marketplace.  The IRS is just a big vacuum cleaner to suck up all that paper money.  In another words, it helps to control inflation, even though every piece of paper backed by nothing IS pure inflation.  On the local level, since the states and cities don’t print their own money, they need taxes.  The taxes they are supposed to be collecting are supposed to be in gold or silver coin.  The states were supposed to keep the federal government bound to an honest monetary system by forcing them to coin money and regulate its value.
In summary, the rules (constitution) say that gold and silver should be used instead of fiat paper money issued with no backing except the faith that it will purchase and pay for services and goods in the marketplace.  The taxes we pay at the national level are there to make us THINK we are supporting the “government” or paying for those $500 hammers.  The only way back to an “honest” monetary system is for the people to trade in their Federal Reserve Notes for gold and silver coin and then get the states to bring the federal government into compliance to coin money and regulate its value.  What are they going to do?  Confiscate our homes and property if we refuse to pay with F.R.A.U.D. (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Devices) paper anymore?  It would be a “Miracle on Main Street.”
One final note, according to F. Tupper Saussy:
“The absence of rebuke is taken to mean the people consent to the disobedience.  Jim Woods, who wrote the Foreword to Miracle On Main Street, was a brilliant inventor for whom intellectual and personal freedom were tools of his trade.  To Jim, Article I Sections 8 and 10 of the Constitution were the linchpin that held the whole American apparatus together.  Keep the linchpin in place and the apparatus can run forever.  Remove it and everything falls apart.”

So now you know why everything is falling apart.