So apparently, all the work I've already done on your tax return was for nothing because your mom tells me you made an appointment with H&R Block for that.

And I understand from your text message that you want your space and your independence because, hey, you're 23 years old.

That's totally understandable.

But how about the actual responsibility that goes with having your space, as well as the independence of driving around in my car as if you fucking own it?

Would you like me to STOP making the $150.12 per month car payment that is due on the 30th of each month?

Would you like me to STOP making the portion of the auto insurance premium for that vehicle which is $183.16 due on the 28th of each month?

Would you like me to STOP making any portion of the water or other utilities I could easily chalk up to your usage solely?

How about the mortgage?

Would you like me to STOP paying that?

Would you like me to STOP waking you up for work in the morning?

Like I said, I hear your call for space and independence and again, that's totally understandable. But people who want those things and actually get them usually have some measure of responsibility to go with it.

Then again, maybe not. I have enormous responsibilities and somehow, I don't have even half the "leave me the fuck alone" space or independence that I want or think I deserve. And I sure as shit don't want the responsibility of a car payment or insurance payment for a car someone else is using.

How much more space or independence would I have by not having all these responsibilities?

Maybe if I could get other people to handle my responsibilities for me.

Maybe if I got someone else to wake ME up in the morning for work.

My own parents always had my back and love me like any parent would, but they never did for me what I've been doing for you. They never would have let me drive to work every day in a car they were making payments on without it costing me something somewhere somehow.

I had to buy damn near junk that was barely road-worthy for myself if I wanted to get around until I earned or saved enough to afford better.

So put that in your Vape Pen and smoke it.

It should be a BREEZE.