So, you managed to stumble into my little corner of the web. If you're not already asking yourself how you ended up at this site, then you might be asking yourself what you might find here.
Well, the short answer is -- anything that interests me.
Of course the long answer is a little more complicated. Because I'm a guitarist, you're bound to find news and blog articles about guitars and guitar players, about music and specifically art rock, progressive rock, and progressive metal. Because I'm a pro audio engineer, you'll find news and blog articles about pro audio and recording. You may find the occassional "yours truly" video tutorial or audio/video review of some piece of gear, a song, etc.
I'm into astronomy and other sciences, so you'll find stuff related to various areas of science and technology.
Another reason for this site is because many people have read my philosophical and political writings in emails and on other sites and they've asked for more. So, this site is an attempt to meet that request. Hence, you'll find meanderings of mine from a libertarian, free market anarchist, voluntaryist point of view. You'll also find stuff from points of view which I oppose just to keep it interesting and balanced, or so I might point out logical flaws in the reasoning of the opposition.
Most of the blog entries (among other things) can be discussed in the Forum and if there isn't anything else on the site that interests you, there might be something in the Forum to keep you coming back.
And ultimately, that's what I want; for you to keep coming back. I mean seriously, what would be the point of having a web site that no one visits?
So yeah... if you're still reading this then have fun! Take a look around. The site is very new so I'm still getting things together, but it will grow fairly quickly. Aside from the few articles posted already, I've got some cool News Feeds going on, especially for guitarists and music fans. Have a look at my sister sites. Register to use the Forum and become part of my Email list -- you just might learn something -- and I promise I'll only spam you lots -- not lots and lots. Wink