1. Lew Rockwell joins me for our final debate analysis episode of the 2020 election cycle! Listen to the Podcast

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  2. Desecration: the act of treating something sacred or solemn in a sacrilegious or disrespectful way; the act of ruining or violating something revered or greatly valued. Beauty matters.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Roger Scruton (video): At any time between 1750 and 1930, if you had asked educated people to describe the aim of poetry, art, or music, they would have replied: beauty.  And if you had asked for the point of that, you would have learned that beauty is a value, as important as truth and goodness. Scruton then describes what has happened since.  In demonstrating this, the first example … Continue reading

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  3. In the previous piece we argued that the upheaval that has been convulsing America in the last four months is a revolution in progress. This revolution has been launched by American Marxists and its goal is seizure of power through the destabilization and demoralization of our society. We must see these events for what they are and act accordingly. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a national emergency. To prevent Marxist radicals from taking over proper measures must be taken. The most immediate and urgent need is to restore law and order. If government has any justification … Continue reading

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  4. “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” ~ George Orwell It is important to point out that this information is not new, it is not surprising, it is not “conspiracy theory,” and it will not be reported in the mainstream media. It is however, illustrative of the blatant deception and criminal fraud being pursued by not only the claimed ruling ‘elite,’ but by the entire political class and the CDC as well. This fraud is being perpetrated and advanced by those pretending to represent all of you; those … Continue reading

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  5. The New York Post’s report that the FBI has laptops belonging to Hunter Biden that contain emails showing Hunter and Joe Biden’s use of the Vice Presidency for business deals that amount to influence peddling and money laundering was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Google.  The New York Times, Washington Post and other of the press prostitutes tried to discredit the story with the fake news that it was Russian disinformation to help Trump win the election.  National Public Radio refused to mention the story other than to brand it a story that is not really a story, simply a waste of … Continue reading

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  6. – – – the good news and bad news are both the same: Your vote will make absolutely no difference at all in the outcome of the upcoming U.S. national elections ritual. That’s good news because you can’t reasonably be blamed for what happens after the ritual. It’s only bad news if you’ve been suffering the delusion that your vote matters. OK, it does matter, but only to you. But there’s more bad news in that: you may indeed blame yourself for what happens next, and if you vote, maybe you should. As the aphorism goes, “A vote for any … Continue reading

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  7. The final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden highlighted what is really at stake: not the political fortunes of two politicians, but rather what a future America might look like. Perhaps not since the Great Debates of 1858, between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, which focused on the issue of slavery, has there been a political struggle of more epic consequence than the one raging right now in the US. That is not cheap hyperbole. The outcome of the 2020 election has the power to radically transform the nation – socially, culturally, and politically – to the point … Continue reading

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  8. “The difference between you and me,” Mr. Trump said to the ever more ghostly Joe Biden, fading mentally late in the action on the debate stage, “is that I’m not a politician and you are, and you’re a crooked politician.” Millions watching this spectacle might not have noticed, due to the media’s near-complete blackout of news detailing the Biden family’s adventures in systematic global moneygrubbing, but the Democratic candidate for president has political Ebola, a hemorrhagic fever of credibility, now gushing out of every pore and orifice. Twitter and Facebook may try to squelch the story, but the evidence is … Continue reading

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  9. In October 2019, a pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 – a collaborative effort between Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – concluded that a hypothetical new coronavirus may end up killing at least 65 million people worldwide within 18 months of an outbreak. When COVID-19 coincidentally emerged from Wuhan two months later, scientists were rushing to generate similar alarmist forecasts using a variety of questionable scientific models. Researchers from the Imperial College London, for instance, approximated death tolls of 500,000 (UK) and two million (USA) by October this year. To those following the metastasis … Continue reading

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  10. President Trump was ill with COVID-19; President Trump was treated with certain new and expensive drugs; therefore President Trump was cured by his treatment with those new and expensive drugs, and demand for them will therefore rise. Why should presidents get all the best treatment? Such is likely to be the effect of his episode of illness, at least if he suffers no relapse, and there will soon be conspiracy theorists who argue that his illness was contrived as a stock-price manipulation (which in my opinion was quite possibly the explanation of why a terrible and scientifically worthless paper about … Continue reading

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  11. The whole planet has every reason to be terminally puzzled at how all those lofty Enlightenment ideals Thomas Jefferson embedded in the 1776 Declaration of Independence ended up with…Trump vs. Biden. Jefferson borrowed freely from Locke, Rousseau, Hume to come up with an eminently quotable Greatest Hits, featuring “self-evident” truths such as “all men are created equal”, “unalienable rights”, and that searing “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Well, Baudrillard would have dubbed the exercise a mere simulacrum, because in real life none of this uplifting rhetoric applied to Native Americans and enslaved Africans. Still, there’s something endlessly fascinating … Continue reading

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  12. The University of California is one of many in the United States that have made the flu shot mandatory for all students, staff and faculty. Originally, Flu shots were required to be taken by November 1st of this year, according to UC, but Judge Richard Seabolt has halted their ability to do that until November 4th, when he will determine whether or not UC can or cannot mandate the flu vaccine. Due to the growing amount of evidence that vaccines are not completely safe for everyone, let alone completely safe, attorney’s Rick Jaffe  Robert F. Kennedy Jr, renowned attorney and Chair … Continue reading

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  13. THOUSANDS of witches are plotting to cast a “binding spell” on Donald Trump on Halloween, so that he loses the US election. The mystic women believe that the two full moons this month have given them extra magical powers to kick Trump out of the White House. The witches are also celebrating the rare confluence of the two “powerful” moon events in October – in effort to get Joe Biden elected in November. According to social media, the mystic women are set to plot multiple “binding” events to attack the President on Halloween – in their biggest spiritual attack to … Continue reading

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