1. A neighbor of mine who is unfamiliar with my career and writings recently thought he could stump me with the question of who was Lincoln’s first choice as commanding general of the Union Army in the “Civil War.”  He mistakenly thought he would surprise me with the answer of Robert E. Lee.  Yes, Lincoln did offer the job to Lee on the recommendation of his real first choice, General Winfield Scott (Known to the troops as “Ole Fuss n’ Feathers” because of his penchant for decorating his hat and uniform with colorful bird feathers).  The aged Scott gave way to … Continue reading

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  2. Every year during the first two weeks of August the mass news media and many politicians at the national level trot out the “patriotic” political myth that the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan in August of 1945 caused them to surrender, and thereby saved the lives of anywhere from five hundred thousand to 1 million American soldiers, who did not have to invade the islands. Opinion polls over the last fifty years show that American citizens overwhelmingly (between 80 and 90 percent) believe this false history which, of course, makes them feel better about killing hundreds of … Continue reading

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  3. Many millions cannot safely wear a face mask. With the one-size-fits-all face mask approaches, this presents a problem. Those who can’t safely wear a face mask are pressured into wearing one, to their own detriment, or they are alternately, discouraged from using vital services due to the heavy-handed enforcement measures that place personal safety secondary at best. The reasons for not being able to safely wear a face mask are many: from obvious issues such as chronic lung ailments and terminal heart conditions, to less obvious issues like panic attacks, dyspnea (shortness of breath), angina (chest pains), cephalalgia (headaches), migraines, … Continue reading

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  4. Before we get to Christine Johnson’s interview, a bit of background. My first book, AIDS INC., was published in 1988. The research I engaged in then formed a foundation for my recent work in exposing the vast fraud called COVID-19. In 1987-88, my main question eventually became: does HIV cause AIDS? For months, I had blithely assumed the obvious answer was yes. This created havoc in my investigation, because I was facing contradictions I couldn’t solve. For example, in parts of Africa, people who were chronically ill and dying obviously needed no push from a new virus. All their “AIDS” conditions … Continue reading

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  5. Shop all books by Pat Buchanan Since the death of George Floyd beneath the knee of a cop in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, the nation has been instructed by its cultural elites that this is the daily reality that a racist America has too long ignored Our nation, it was shouted in our faces, is a place where white cops harass, brutalize, assault and kill Black Americans regularly and with impunity. “Defund the police!” the Black Lives Matter demand went out, to be echoed and re-echoed by BLM’s amen corner of progressive elites. The pendulum may be swinging back, for … Continue reading

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  6. The vice of the modern notion of mental progress is that it is always something concerned with the breaking of bonds, the effacing of boundaries, the casting away of dogmas. But if there be such a thing as mental growth, it must mean the growth into more and more definite convictions, into more and more dogmas. Heretics, Gilbert K. Chesterton (eBook) Many animals make tools.  Man is something more; man makes dogmas.  Man piles conclusion on conclusion, developing a philosophy, a religion.  By doing so, he becomes more human and less like a tool-making animal. Therefore, if man is to be considered as … Continue reading

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  7. It was always going to come to this … mobs of hysterical, hate-drunk brownshirts hunting down people not wearing masks and trying to get them fired from their jobs, “no mask, no service” signs outside stores, security staff stopping the mask-less from entering, paranoid pod people pointing and shrieking at the sight of mask-less shoppers in their midst, goon squads viciously attacking and arresting them … Welcome to the Brave New Normal. And it isn’t just the Maskenpflicht-Sturmabteilung. The new official narrative is omnipresent. The corporate media are pumping out hysteria about “Covid-19 hospitalizations” (i.e., anyone admitted to a hospital for anything who tested positive for the coronavirus) and … Continue reading

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  8. The Establishment explanation for what occurred in Beirut’s port on August 5th is that the horrific series of explosions that killed hundreds, injured thousands and left hundreds of thousands homeless was a terrible accident that came about due to a multi-faceted failure by Lebanon’s corrupt and incompetent government. Or at least that is the prevalent narrative in the international media, but a more critical examination of what took place is a bit like peeling an onion only to discover that there are layers and layers of alternative possibilities that just might place the catastrophe in a broader context. The story, which … Continue reading

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  9. Last week was a big week for precious metals. Gold broke above $2,000 an ounce and kept climbing, pushing over $2,075 later in the week. Meanwhile, silver blew through $28 and $29 ounce on Thursday and knocked on the door of $30. But even with another week of solid gains, there still seems to be a lot of skepticism about precious metals. Peter talked about gold’s bull run on his podcast and said it’s the most unloved gold bull market he’s seen in his entire career. On Friday, we did finally got a corrective sell-off. Gold was down about $40 at one point and silver fell … Continue reading

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  10. • FBI Director Wray Subpoenad For All Records Related to Crossfire Hurricane (GP) • Sen. Johnson Subpoenas FBI Director Wray, Puts Bidens On Notice (ZH) • House Will Be Out Of Session For Additional Week In September (Hill) • Schumer Says Democrats Ready For Coronavirus Aid Talks, If Republicans Move (R.) • MSNBC Public Editor Pekary: A Strained Symbiosis With Obama (CJR) • US Demands Hong Kong Exports To US Be Relabelled ‘Made in China’ (SCMP) • No, Americans Aren’t Suddenly Flying Again, Despite What the Media Says (WS) • Let The Dogs Out (Jim Kunstler) • Seattle City Council Approves Millions In Police Budget Cuts (JTN) • Lebanon PM, … Continue reading

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  11. You know I have been passionate about how useful optimal levels of vitamin D can be in lowering your COVID-19 risk. For the last few months I have been working on a campaign that I really need your help on. The new site is StopCOVIDCold and you can reach it by clicking the button below. New Campaign to Spread the Word About Vitamin D Once you are on the site, there is a quiz you can take that will help you determine your risk for getting COVID-19 by answering a few questions that will only take you a few minutes. … Continue reading

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