So HEAR I am doing one o my all time favorite Rush tunes.  Enjoy!




I recently began working on a video tutorial of the setup, programming and routing capabilities of the Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro and GCX Audio Switching System . The video should be complete in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Well, obviously it's been a long "couple of weeks". I'm still recording and editing the GCX/GCP tutorial and I've been doing some other videos of select guitar performances of Temple 8 and favorite cover material. I hope to have something that people can see that I can be proud of sometime before the end of summer 2007.
twin promo image
I'm proud to announce that I am now an official endorser of fledgling Canadian guitar company Dot On Shaft Guitars.
I've added two of their most popular axes to my arsenal:
The Twin Tiger (right) a beautifully crafted 12-string/6-string double-neck and the Dragon, a fantastic strat style with wonderfully crafted abalone inlay and both guitars sport gold plated hardware. I'll have performance pics with these guitars sometime in August.
DOS DragonIn the meantime, for the guitarist looking for something unique, I encourage you to visit the Dot On Shaft Guitars web site and check out their selection. Mike is doing a bang up job with this new company and I'm here to tell you that you don't have to get a "big name" guitar in order to have top-notch, quality workmanship, awesome playability and raucous tone. And what's more is that the unique designs of these guitars truly set them apart from the rest.
I look forward to working more with Dot On Shaft Guitars in the future.
More to come...